1. Download iQueue Workflow Software

iQueue 13.0.4
(Latest Version)

iQueue Software 13.0.4 (Latest Version)

(92.1 MiB, 8915 downloads)

Alternate iQueue Download
(WinXP Version)

iQueue Software 11.6.3 (WinXP Version)

(31.3 MiB, 1586 downloads)

2. Download iQueue Workflow Printer Driver

Driver only required for direct printing within applications (not required for drag-and-drop PDF)

Driver for PC

iQueue Universal Installation Driver For PC (driver only, not iQueue software)

(1.6 MiB, 2976 downloads)

Driver for Mac

iQueue Print Driver For Mac (driver only, not iQueue software)

(772.3 KiB, 1478 downloads)

Adobe® PostScript® PDF Workflow

True Adobe® PostScript® is at the core of iQueue and it’s packed with advanced imaging features. iQueue could not be easier to use. With beautiful spot color matching, full imposition, fast variable data and so much more, iQueue XII keeps your jobs on the shop floor and out the door.

Design Like a Pro in Minutes!

Job-ready design templates are here! One click gives you access to an extensive and ever-growing library of print-ready design templates to help you add value to the service you provide your clients. Download full wedding packages, business stationery, party invitations, graduation announcements, and much more with easy-to-personalize text and images ready for editing in iQueue.
iQueue Pre-Designed Templates

Fast, simple and powerful

iQueue is for everyone. The powerful iQueue workflow software includes a site license which means you have unlimited installs for all the users at your shop. Everyone can use all the powerful features of iQueue and you can easily share jobs between users.


  • USPS® certified CASS™ with Presort
  • Sequential Numbering
  • Imposed Stack Order Printing
  • Full Imposition
  • Dead-on Spot Color Matching
  • Fully Independent CMYK Controls
  • Full-Speed Variable Data
  • Hundreds of Design Templates
  • Advanced Barcoding
  • QR Code Creation
  • Create lines, arches, and virtually any shape
  • Multi-part Forms Creation
  • Stack Order Imposed Printing
  • Multi-user Site License
  • Booklet Printing
  • Super Accurate Job Cost Estimator
  • JDF Compliant

USPS® and CASS™ are registered trademarks of the United States Postal Service.

CASS™ with Presort

USPS® Certified Address Matching and Correction

iQueue XII now gives you complete end-to-end control for preparing direct mail. Upload your variable data to iQueue and have it fully verified, corrected, sorted, and barcoded to USPS® CASS™ presort specifications and returned to you in seconds. iQueue automatically marks bundles and trays for simple automation. No more dealing with massive PDF’s for your large mailings, it’s all done inside iQueue in seconds. CASS™ also automatically generates all the necessary tray labels and USPS® reports. It’s really that easy!

Fully Verified, Corrected, Sorted, And Barcoded to USPS® CASS™ Specifications


True variable data magic!

Full Speed Variable Data Printing

Full Variable Data controls are fast and easy inside iQueue. iQueue’s Variable Data add-on eliminates the slowdowns associated with massive variable data mailings. iQueue places the variable data, interprets Intelligent Mail barcodes and begins printing in seconds, not minutes. Reprints are fast and simple.

Complete, Accurate Job Cost Estimator

Without even printing the first print, iQueue XII gives you a fast and complete job cost for your entire print run. iQueue uses its powerful Adobe® PostScript® interpreter to quickly calculate CMYK toner coverage and all other consumable use. You can even add media and other costs. There are no surprises with iQueue XII working for you.

Powerful Sequential Numbering

Forms, tickets, cards, or anything that requires numbering is easier than ever to print with iQueue XII. Serialize any job with ascending or descending numbers automatically at the time of printing. Eliminate wasted time spent collating with iQueue XII’s imposed stack order printing. Sequence barcodes with your numbering for more automation. Multi-part forms automation inside iQueue is a breeze. Variable data, sequential numbering, imposed stack order printing and barcodes all combined together inside iQueue gives you powerful tools for maximum profitability.

Accurate, Easy Spot Color Matching

iQueue can match any spot color that can be created with CMYK, dead-on, every time. Xante’s patented RightON® color matching technology makes spot color matching simpler than ever. Its unique ability to print swatch pages on your media gives you amazing accuracy and iQueue easily saves colors for future use and consistency. With RightON® you can also edit any spot color with CMYK, HSV or RGB color controls.

Many Time-Saving Features

Integrated Erase Tool!

‘Ever want to erase items from a PDF without having to create new artwork? iQueue solves that with a simple erase tool. Erase anything on any page of any job quickly and easily right on the shop floor.

Dead-On Color Matching

iQueue’s powerful add-on tools keep jobs on your shop floor! Adding text, barcodes, QR codes, lines, boxes, circles or images, with or without variable data, to any job is quick and simple with iQueue XII. Save jobs as templates for advanced automation with a simple click. iQueue automatically saves any job setup as a template for future use. There’s no need to repeat steps with iQueue.
Easy color matching

USPS® and CASS™ are registered trademarks of the United States Postal Service.

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